BED / Spec Spot / 01:00 / 2017
Actor Leandro Taub
Producer Sebastian Johannsen
Director of Photography Jonas Schneider
Editor & Grading RobiN Jünkersfeld
Original Music Alexander David
Cellist Raphael Moraly
Sound Design Denis Elmaci
Compositing & VFX Nici Kamenisch
AC & VFX On-Set Supervision Marc Angele
Service Producer Morocco Hajar Marouani
Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

A man opens his eyes. He lies in a wooden bed - in the middle of a dusty desert. When looking around he sees beds in flames. Dark smoke is rising into the sky. He decides by the unreal area to go away. The sun burns. He is visibly exhausted, struggling with the heat and the weight of the bed. He tries to move forward. He makes small steps, which increasingly require concentration. The bed breaks up. He sits down beside it. The night is coming. 
He comes to the foot of a mountain. He pulls the bed up. His face is dirty and he has dusty hair. The bed breaks more and more. A car appears. He stretches both arms around in the air to make attention to himself, but the car is driving at full speed and doesn’t stop. On the loading area is a massive double bed. Off the road, the path is gritty. It's windy. He only carries the dirty mattress. His gaze is locked forward. Before him lies a dark blue ocean. Water proposes forcefully against the surf. It‘s cold and stony. Rough sea: He desperately clings to his mattress. The mass of water captures him. He dives together with the camera underwater. 
The man opens his eyes. He lies on his completely destroyed mattress. He is on a beach. The water flushes quiet against the mattress. As he looks around, he sees dozens of new beds. He leaves his mattress behind himself and runs out of the picture.
Thanks to: Tobias Bachleitner, Film Commission Morocco, Das Imperium Talent Agency

Shot in Morocco.
© 2017 Jonas Schneider - Alle Rechte vorbehalten - Impressum